Sunny Dee & The Flower Pedals are an indie rock/beach/garage pop trio residing under one roof in the West End of Toronto.

Originally formed as a two piece in 2019, songwriter/guitarist/vocalist, Diana Lyn Ruffolo, initially teamed up with drummer, Aaron Keogh, before they were prevented from gigging in 2020 due to the pandemic. In spite of their obstacles, they regrouped and moved in together, along with new bassist, Dani Zimmer, to be able to remain jamming throughout the lockdowns.

This New Age inspired group advocates for embracing authenticity and emotional healing through the vulnerable act of unveiling the shadow self to further grow as individuals.

Currently, they are in the process of releasing their debut EP “Flirts With Disaster” (recorded at Candle Recording with sound engineer Meagan Aversa). Their EP tackles themes of isolation, addiction, depression, and eco-anxiety through Diana Lyn Ruffolo’s POV. They strive to bring awareness to the importance of destigmatizing mental health & to advocate for all women in the arts.

Diana Lyn Ruffolo

Aka Sunny Dee


Aaron Keogh

Aka a Flower Pedal


Dani Zimmer

Aka a Flower Pedal

Bassist/Backup Vocals